Here at R8, we really do want to see individuals being the best version of themselves and often this may mean just being able to do everyday tasks.
This type of training for older adults assists in muscle imbalances, and trains the body in the way that they move in everyday life.
The ability to function independently is an important health issue that has consequences to both the health and the quality of life of older adults.
Copeland et al., (2019) state that functional fitness may influence health directly due to the increased muscle mass. This in turn can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Here are 5 examples of essential movements for functional fitness (Langdon, 2011).
1. BEND & LIFT. In the gym we call it squatting. In everyday life its about getting out of the chair or lifting the shopping.
2. SINGLE-LEG. In the gym we call it lunging. In everyday life its about walking and climbing or descending stairs.
3. PUSHING. In the gym we call it overhead press or a pushup. In everyday life its about opening a door or putting something on the shelf.
4. PULLING. In the gym we call it a row or a pull-up. In everyday life its about pulling the car door shut or pulling a suitcase off the floor.
5. ROTATION. In the gym we call it a wood chop or shadow boxing. In everyday life its any movement you make reaching across your body or twisting your spine.
Now on Friday mornings at the gym, Erin will be adding functional movement exercises into the circuit classes. Come by and join either the 8.30am or 9.30am classes and improve your functional fitness.


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